Laser Prostatectomy

Laser Prostatectomy is a technique that has taken urological treatment to a new horizon. Various prostate diseases and stones in KUBs and other abdomenal organs are treated with laser rays with no pain and bloodshed. The technique has come for the first time in Eastern India and the most sophisticated instrument has been installed in Woodlands Hospital, Kolkata.

During December 2006, Dr. Kalyan K Sarkar, the author of this website, visited the department of of Urology in Askleprios Clinics in Homburg, Germany where he interacted and conducted workshop with Prof. Andres Gross. At the initiative of Dr Sarkar, Prof. Gross visited Woodlands Hospital and Medical research Center, Kolkata and conducted workshop on "Excellence in Laser Eurological Surgery" with Urologists in April 2007. The laser surgery for the treatment of stone and prostate diseases are done by the author, who is the Director Urology at Woodlands Hospital, Kolkata. Dr. Sarkar has by now done more than 1100 cases of Laser Prostatectomy and other Laser Eurological Surgery.

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Disclaimer - Information for the Patients are as per current practice standard and wide experience of the author. Patients are advised to refer to respective international medical guidelines for contemporary management of specific issue.